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Beep backend handling user permissions
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Beep backend handling user permissions. Currently, permissions are defined as user-scope (i.e. userid in conversationid). If no such pairing exists, permission is denied. Might consider moving to searchms style user-scope-action system later.

Relations are cached in redis to avoid excessive querying time. A listener updates the cache on database changes.

This service is meant to be used internally. Otherwise, people can systematically query it finding out which conversation a said user is in.

Environment variables

Supply environment variables by either exporting them or editing .env.

ENV Description Default
LISTEN Host and port for service to listen on :80
POSTGRES URL of postgres postgresql://root@pg:5432/core?sslmode=disable
REDIS URL of redis redis:6379


Get Permission

Get Permission

GET /user/:userid/conversation/:conversationid

Query to see if userid-conversationid is permissable.


Name Type Description
userid String User's ID
conversationid Conversation ID

Success (200 OK)

Empty body.


It is recommended to intrepet both as a rejection regardless of error type.

Code Description
401 Matching userid-conversationid pair not found
500 Error accessing cache