Beep backend proxying Minio to act as a fileserver.
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Beep backend proxying Minio to act as a fileserver. Need a running instance of minio.

To run this service securely is to run it behind traefik forwarding auth to backend-auth


go build && ./pictures

Environment Variables

Supply environment variables by either exporting them or editing .env.

ENV Definition Default
LISTEN Host and port number to listen on :80
MINIO_ENDPOINT Host and port of minio minio:9000
MINIO_ID Client id to use with minio MINIO_ID
MINIO_KEY Client key to use with minio MINIO_KEY
MINIO_BUCKET_NAME Name of bucket to store files in beep
MINIO_LOCATION Minio bucket region us-east-1


All requests need to be passed through traefik calling backend-auth as Forward Authentication. Otherwise, populate X-User-Claim with:

  "userid": "<userid>",
  "clientid": "<clientid>"

Upload FIle

POST /upload

Upload a file to be stored. Requires a request of Content-Type multipart/form-data.


Name Description
file File to be uploaded

Success (200 OK)

Name of the file as stored.


Code Description
400 Error parsing file out of request
500 Error storing file in minio

Get File

GET /picture/:filename

Retrieve a picture by filename.


Name Description
filename Name of the file to be retrieved

Success (200 OK)

Image file.


Code Description
500 Error retrieving file from minio